Glass skylights allow you to enjoy the sun's natural light in your own home!

Designed and built to be a ‘weather-proof lid’ over a properly flashed curb. Glass glazed skylights require a certain type of roofing so let one of our Specialist at Tri-City Glass come take a look.


Dome Skylights are for flat and low pitched roofs, dome glazing is available in single, double, and triple layers to meet your energy needs. UV Stablized and Impact-Modified Acrylic is standard. Crystalite also offers co-polyester with glazing colors as clear, white, and bronze.


Venting Skylights allow free and natural fresh air ventilation. Venting skylights are available with manual operators, or with a Solar Smart electric operator. Solar Smart is designed to be used without any additional power and wiring from the structure.


Custom Sloped Glazing is for residential or commercial applications. CrystaLite has designed and manufactured a wide range of custom skylights which can bring added dimensions to a building’s look, catching the eye of any onlooker.


CrystaLite Sunrooms and Skywalls are structurally engineered for your home or commercial building. These items are built specific to your home or commercial building  and Tri-City Glass experts will provide CrystalLite with the information needed to do so.


Create the perfect windbreak without any loss of view!

CrystaLite glass panel railing systems create the perfect windbreak without any loss of view. Glass panels are excellent for exterior decks, balconies and stairs, yet sleek and elegant for interior railings.


Enjoy an uninterrupted view with CrystaLite’s new Infinity Railing system.


Stainless Cable Railing is made from strong and weather resistant 1/8″ stainless steel cable, it is excellent for exterior railing and elegant for interior applications.


Aluminum Picket Railing is a classic look with CrystalLite’s white picket railing.


Picket railing is a popular choice when stairs are part of the installation.